Mspa Luxury Exotic Hot Tub Review & Comparison

The Mspa Luxury Exotic Hot Tub has virtually the same shape and design as other inflatable spas. However, this spa features a more upscale look, making it a nice option for indoor patios.

Mspa Luxury Exotic Hot Tub Review

The Mspa Looks Chic – and It’s Still Inflatable!

Spa Security Lock on Hot Tub Cover

In other words, it doesn’t cheapen the look of your home, like some inflatable hot tubs can. I mean, check out the crocodile-look shell, gold trim and locking cover! >>

Plus, the dark, textured exterior surround stays looking newer for longer.

Not to mention, the interior black heavy-duty PVC doesn’t show smudges or scuff marks from dirty feet or basic wear and tear.

Personally, I think the black color makes the spa look more expensive, and the dark shade makes the water look warmer. In fact a simple color change can make a big impact on our home spa experience – without adding significant cost to the price tag.

Mspa Luxury Exotic Inflatable Spa

How the Mspa Inflatable Hot Tub Can Save You Money:

Mspa has integrated an energy-efficient filtration system into the spa that automatically runs every 4 hours. Its advanced design enables it to trap more dirt while simultaneously inhibiting bacteria growth on the filter.

Mspa Inflatable Hot Tub Smart Filtration System that Saves Energy and Maintenance Costs

In addition to saving you money on energy costs, this auto-filtration system also minimizes maintenance and those associated costs as well. Clean less and spend less money, sounds good to me! That said, you can save even more money with a small spa that uses less water to heat. See these cheap hot tubs that cost less than $500.

An Inflatable Spa that’s Soothingly Quiet!

The last thing you want when you lean back and relax in your bubble massage spa is a noisy motor. Mspa has developed what they call the “Whisper Quiet Feature”, which produces minimal noise while running. Coincidentally, it also uses very little energy as well.

Quiet Inflatable Spa with Low Noise Output

The noise level of an Mspa is approximately 70db. For reference, a shower or dishwasher produces 70db of noise.

Mspa Luxury Exotic VS vs Intex or Lay Z Spa

1. The Mspa is Bigger

First of all, the Mspa M-115S is a larger hot tub than the standard Intex PureSpa or the Lay-Z Spa. For example it measure 85″ in diameter, whereas the Purespa measures 75″ across and the Lay Z Spa Miami has a 71″ diameter.

Intex PureSpa Plus 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Therefore, the Mspa gives you more space and in turn, can hold more people at one time. It also features about 20 more bubble jets.

The Intex PureSpa Plus has a size almost identical to the Mspa with almost the same amount of jets. You pay less for this model, however, it has a bright white interior vs the Mspa black.

2. The Best Inflatable Spa May Come Down to What You Prefer

Secondly, heating, filtration, operation, portability and set up are very similar no matter which brand you choose. Therefore, you decision may come down to spa style, color or price.

3. Customer Service Options

A final point worth noting is the fact that Mspa is headquartered in Shanghai China, VS Intex which has their offices in the USA. Therefore, you may want to keep this in mind in regards to contacting customer service.

Most likely, you will want to contact one of their local service partners, like Mspa Canada, for answers to questions, replacement parts, etc.. Of course, you may never even need to contact a customer service center, in which case, who cares?

By the way, you can buy Mspa Filter Cartridge Replacement 2-Pack on Amazon.

Specs for Mspa Luxury Exotic Hot Tub:

  • Dimensions: 82″ Diameter x 29″ high
  • Weight: 90 lbs (without water)
  • Material: 6-Layer Laminated Heavy Gauge PVC
  • Color: Black with Gold Trim
  • 138 Air Bubble Jets with 3 different intensity levels
  • Max Heat: 104 Degrees F
  • Temperature Increase Rate: 2-3 Degrees F per Hour
  • Integrated Spa Ozone Generator (Sanitizes Spa Water)
  • LCD Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Model #: M-115S
  • Manufacturer: Mspa
  • Get the Luxury Exotic Inflatable Spa Here

How Much Does it Cost to Run the Inflatable Spa?

Operating costs will depend on what your power company charges you for electricity. That said, below I’ve listed the power consumption per hour for the heaters, filtration system and massage setting. You can also check out the following chart for complete details.

  • Heater: 0.75-1.5kW / hour
  • Filter: 0.035-0.06kW / hour
  • Massage: 0.5-0.72kW / hour
Mspa Control System and Power Consumption Specs

Mspa Bubble Spa Package Includes:

  • Inflatable Spa
  • Garden Hose Adapter
  • Inflation Hose
  • Inflatable Bladder
  • Upgraded Heat Preservation Foam Mat
  • Digital Safety Lock for Top Cover
  • Integrated Seat Cushion
  • 2 Filter Cartridge Packs
  • Instruction Guide & Owners Manual

More Inflatable Hot Tubs by Mspa

By the way, you can choose from several different Mspa Models, from portable jacuzzis to hydrotherapy bubble spas. You can download the company brochure to learn more about each one.

Mspa Soho Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Reve JB-301
  • Bliss JB-304
  • Soho M-029S
  • Camaro M-031S
  • Luxury Exotic M-113S, M-115S
  • Birkin M-123S/ M-125S
  • Tuscany PM-610S, PM-710S
  • Nest M-001LS
  • Alpine M-009LS, M-019LS
  • Silver Cloud M-011LS, M-021LS
  • Sapphire, Glow M-022LS

Summary of the Mspa Luxury Exotic M-115S:

This inflatable hot tub does cost more than other models like the Intex or Lay Z Spa. However, the deluxe, upgraded look along with the quiet operation make it ideal for indoor settings.

If you prefer a more sophisticated-looking home spa for adult use, the Mspa can be money well spent. On the other hand, if you want an outdoor summertime hot tub for the family, you may prefer the Intex PureSpa Plus.


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