Wave Inflatable Hot Tub – New Stylish Designs…

Do you want a portable blow-up spa that has a stylish printed exterior? The “Atlantic” Wave inflatable hot tub comes in several different patterns, including Graywood, White Wood Plank and Grey Rattan.

Wave Inflatable Hot Tub with Wood-Look Exterior

Relax at the end of a long day at the office or entertain friends and family on the weekend. Everyone likes the soothing bubbles of a spa, and now you don’t have to pay $1,000’s to have one ready for you in your backyard.

What Makes the Wave Atlantic Spa Different?

Wave spas work very much like other inflatable tubs. However, they have unique exterior designs which make them more interesting to look at.

For example, you can choose their natural-looking Graywood model (above), their White Wood plank model or a modern Grey Rattan version. They sell other options as well.

Wave Inflatable Spas with Decorative Surrounds Including Rattan, Wood Plank and Flag

You can also get Wave Spas in different sizes too (2-4 person or 4-6 person options). That said, I think that their tubs run on the smaller side. In other words, the 2-4 person model may work best for 2 people, and the 4-6 person model may fit 4 people better.

Note: This actually may be great news if you prefer a smaller hot tub for 2 reasons. First of all, the smaller size means less water to heat and therefore less energy is required. Second, the Wave Atlantic can fit better on a small deck or patio than other models that are 10 inches wider.

Wave Inflatable Spas are Well-Made & Low Maintenance:

The printed surround not only looks cool, but it has a strong structural design that gives it a rigid shape and makes it puncture-resistant. Plus, the walls have interior heat chambers that help to keep the spa warmer.

Wave Spa Power Cord, Insulated Walls and Heat Pump

The spa also comes with a cover that helps retain heat, so you can spend less money on heating. Not to mention, keeping your spa covered will keep leaves and debris out, which means less cleaning for you. Note: small, cheap hot tubs also cost less to heat too.

Operating the hot tub is easy too. The control panel sits on top of the pump that sits right beside the spa. You can control the bubble jets, heat and all spa functions simply by pushing a few buttons. It even controls spa inflation.

Wave Spa Control Panel

Wave Spa Package Includes:

Wave Spas are Easy to Set-Up:

Just like other inflatable spas, the Wave has a simple set-up process that doesn’t take much time. In fact, you can inflate the tub itself in only about 5 minutes.

Then, fill the spa with water using a regular garden hose. This can take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete, you can work on other projects while the spa fills.

Finally, turn on the heater using the control panel on the external heat pump. The water warms up at approximately 3 degrees per hour, so don’t plan on using your spa for several hours. You can speed up the heating process by putting the cover on the spa to prevent heat from escaping.

Review Summary: Overall, this spa looks and operates very much like to other inflatable hot tubs like the Coleman Savana or the Intex PureSpa. However, it runs slightly smaller in size. The exterior wall designs set the Wave Atlantic apart from other inflatable tubs.

The pump unit that runs the filter and heat sits outside the spa itself. This is typical, but if you prefer a more streamlined look, Aquaspa has the pump built right into the tub wall.

Specs for the Wave Inflatable Hot Tub:

  • Seating Capacity: 2-4 People
  • Dimensions: 65″ Diameter x 27.5″ Tall
  • Inside Diameter: 49″ Across
  • Shape: Circular
  • Water Capacity: 176 Gallons
  • Material: Heavy Duty PVC
  • Color: Multiple Colors, Designs
  • 110 Bubble Jets
  • Max Water Temperature: 104°F
  • Power/Electrical Requirements: 110-120 V
  • Watts: 1380WWave Atlantic Inflatable Spa with Heater/Filter Pump
  • Power Cord: 10 Feet Long
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Instruction Manual
  • Model #: Wave Spas Atlantic
  • Manufacturer: Wave Spas
  • Warranty: 6 Months on Liners, 1 Year on Heater
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Wave Spa


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