3 Cheap Hot Tubs Under $500 – Are They Worth the Money?

While it may be challenging to find a cheap hot tub under $500, there are some budget-friendly options that are actually good buys. Consider inflatable hot tubs, which can provide relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits at a more affordable price point.

3 Cheap Hot Tubs Under $500 - Are They Worth they Money?

1. Quality & Durability: How Long Do Inflatable Spas Last?

You’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of inflatable hot tubs, and you’re on the hunt for one that’ll make your relaxation dreams come true. Well, let’s uncover those hidden gems that scream “durable” and “high quality.” Here are 3-5 features to look for:

1. Sturdy Material Magic: When it comes to durability, it’s all about the material. For instance, seek out tubs made from triple-ply reinforced material.

2. Jetsetter Jets: Quality jets can turn your spa session from ‘meh’ to ‘magnificent.’ Look for tubs with strong, adjustable jets that can massage your cares away. It’s like having a personal masseuse on standby.

3. Rock-Solid Pump Power: Opt for tubs with robust pumps that can maintain water temperature efficiently.

4. Sizzling Heating System: A top-notch heating system is non-negotiable. So, look for tubs with rapid heating and precise temperature control.

5. Cover Convenience: Don’t underestimate the power of a good cover. For example, a durable, insulating cover not only keeps the heat in but also protects your tub from the elements.

Typically, these tubs can last anywhere from 3 to 7 years with proper care and maintenance.

Intex Simple Spa - Portable, Easy to Set up and Costs Less than $500

2. Are These “Cheap” Spas Safe?

When it comes to those budget-friendly gems like the RELXTIME, Bestway Miami SaluSpa, or the INTEX Simple Spa, they don’t skimp on safety. Here’s the scoop on safety and water quality:

1. Filter Fun: These tubs come with nifty filters that work tirelessly to keep your water pristine.

2. Chemical Compatibility: Your new hot tub pals generally play nice with standard spa chemicals. Keep your water quality high simply by maintaining the right chemical balance. (Your user manual will tell you what to do).

3. Regular Cleaning Routine: Just like brushing your teeth, maintaining a regular cleaning routine is vital. It’s the secret sauce to keeping your water sparkling.

3. What’s the Seating Capacity of These Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats?

Let’s talk seating, shall we? The RELXTIME, Bestway Miami and INTEX Simple Spa usually cozy up to 2-4 users. It’s like a hot tub gathering, not a hot tub jamboree.

Smaller cheap hot tubs under $500 are designed more for intimate gatherings or solo relaxation rather than large groups of people. Plus, they don’t come with built-in seats.

4. Inflatable Spa Heating and Insulation – are They Expensive to Run?

Thanks to their rapid heating systems and decent insulation, all 3 of these cheap hot tubs under $500 aim to balance comfort with efficiency. So, while they’re not exactly penny pinchers, they won’t have you declaring bankruptcy either. On average, most customers report spending between $25-35 per month to heat their 4-person 220-gallon spa.

5. Setup and Installation: Are These Low-Cost Hot Tubs Easy to Set Up?

The RELXTIME, SaluSpa and Simple Spa come with straightforward instructions, and most people can unbox and inflate them in under 30 minutes. 

RELXTIME Square Inflatable Spa is One of the Best Cheap Hot Tubs Under $500

As for electrical requirements, it’s not rocket science either. They run on regular 110-120V outlets, similar to your toaster or blender. So, setting up these hot tubs is like following a recipe; just follow the steps, and you’ll be soaking in no time.

Intex Inflatable Spa in Storage Bag for Easy Portability

6. Portability: Can I Easily Move or Re-Locate These $500 Spas?

Let’s talk mobility, the hot tub’s second-best friend (after bubbles, of course). These budget-friendly tubs are like the rolling suitcases of the spa world. In other words, they’re designed to be moved, deflated and relocated with relative ease, even if you’re not quite Mr. (or Ms.) Muscle.

7. What Warranty or Support Comes with These Budget Hot Tubs?

INTEX Customer Service:



8. Maintenance and Cleaning: Are Blow-Up Spas Easy to Clean & Maintain?

These budget-friendly tubs are like low-maintenance pets; they won’t demand constant attention.

Save Money on Coleman/Bestway Replacement Spa Filters

Water Chemistry: It’s all about chemistry – testing the water, adding chemicals when needed.

Filtration: Keep the filter clean, a bit like changing the oil in your car. A well-oiled filter is a happy filter.

Cleaning: Regularly clean the tub’s interior and cover, just like your bathtub. Use mild spa-specific cleansers, and you’re good to go.

So, it’s not exactly rocket science, more like a recipe you get better at with time. With minimal effort, you’ll have your hot tub ready for countless relaxation sessions.

9. What Amenities & Features are Included with Cheap Inflatable Spas?

Although they may not come with lots of bells and whistles, they do offer some delightful features:

Jets and Bubbles: The RELXTIME, Bestway SaluSpa, and INTEX Spas often boast multiple jets that mimic a soothing massage, so you’re not just sitting in warm water but also getting a spa-like experience.

Digital Controls: Say hello to the digital panel! Most of these tubs let you control the temperature, jets, and filtration with a few button presses. It’s like having a remote for relaxation.

Filtration System: They usually come with a simple filtration system to keep the water fresh, much like a built-in Brita filter for your spa.

Cover and Insulation: The included cover keeps the heat in and the debris out.

RELXTIME Spa with Matching Inflatable Insulating Cover

But guess what? You can deck out your tub with some cool accessories and upgrades. Think LED lights, cup holders, inflatable headrests and even a Bluetooth speaker.


4-Person Home Spa on Sale Under $500

Complete Inflatable Hot Tub Package with Bubble Jets, Filtration System, Insulating Cover, Headrest & Cup Holders


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