Can You Use an Inflatable Hot Tub in Winter?

Yes, you can use an inflatable hot tub in winter. However, the colder the outdoor air temperature is, the harder the hot tub will have to work heat up and stay warm.

Can You Use an Inflatable Hot Tub in Winter?

Most inflatable hot tubs are designed to operate at outdoor temperatures down to about 40°F (4.4°C). So, if you live in an extremely cold winter climate, and inflatable spa may not be the best option for wintertime use.

How to Maximize Hot Tub Heater Efficiency:

Jerry by the Intex PureSpa Heater and Water Filtration Unit

As we mentioned above, the colder the air temperature, the more energy the spa will need to heat up. Therefore, it makes sense to make it more energy efficient if you want to use it during the winter.

Not only will better efficiency help you save money on heating bills, it can help prolong the life of your hot tub heater. Here are 5 tips for you:

1. Insulate the Bottom of Your Spa: Many inflatable hot tubs come with some sort of floor mat to help retain heat. However, you can also get a foam floor pad or use a few layers of cardboard to help insulate the base.

2. Cover Your Hot Tub When Not in Use: Most inflatable hot tubs include a cover which can significantly reduce heat loss. In addition, covers lessen water loss through evaporation, and they help keep debris out of the spa.

intex PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub with Matching Grey Cover

3. Use a Thermal Blanket: A thermal blanket sits on top of the water to prevent heat loss through evaporation. Therefore, you don’t need to use as much energy to heat the water.

4. Create a Windbreak: You can further insulate your inflatable spa by placing it in a protected location, For example, on a deck or patio where it has vertical protection on multiple sides – or a roof overhead.

5. Keep the Hot Tub Clean: Dirty water makes it harder for the filtration/heating system to heat the water. So, rinse and change filters on a regular basis and prevent leaves and other debris from blowing into the spa.


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