“Grit Gitter” Spa Vacuum: Hot Tub Cleaning Made Easy

Grit Gitter: The Cheap and Easy Hot Tub Spa Vacuum that gets Leaves, Gravel, Bugs and More Out of Your Inflatable Spa...

The cleaner your spa water is, the more enjoyable it will be to use. And the easier it is to clean your spa, the more likely we are to keep it that way.

Cleaning a Hot Tub:

Inflatable hot tubs typically come with an attached filtration system, which continuously filters small particles and debris out of the water. Spas also include a floating chemical dispenser for either bromine or chlorine to sanitize the water and prevent algae from growing.

Hot tubs don’t typically include a spa vacuum. These work really well at sucking up small pieces of dirt or gravel that can get into the tub by way of our feet.

Why a Spa Vacuum?

These small pieces are often difficult to see, but easy to feel when we step or sit on them. They can feel especially uncomfortable, especially when they catch you off guard and you are trying to relax.

In addition, these pieces can feel sharp. Not to mention, you don’t want them scraping against the vinyl, since it can scratch, wear and even puncture the material.

No need to worry, though. You can pick up an inexpensive hot tub vacuum called the “Grit Gitter” through Amazon for less than $25, and it’s small, portable and convenient. You don’t even have to plug it in because this a handheld pool vacuum.

What I really like about this one is its simplicity. It has no moving parts that will wear down over time. Therefore, it will last for years without having to buy any replacement parts, batteries or anything.

Preventative Spa Maintenance Made Cheap:

An underwater spa vac is essentially a simple way to prevent future maintenance problems with your tub, and it takes virtually no time or effort to use one. It also makes mess clean ups a snap.

Get Saved!

Have a bunch of leaves that have fallen in the tub and disintegrated into tiny pieces on the floor of your spa! Are there gross bugs that you don’t want to pick up with your bare hands? No problem – the Grit Gitter will save you.

Water Tech “Grit Gitter”

Other similar products like the Pool Blaster Spa Vac can cost upwards of $90 and require batteries that cost extra money and need to be replaced. Although this may be a better option for a larger pool, it’s not worth spending all of that money on a cleaning tool for a smaller hot tub that typically has a cover on it when not in use.


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