What I Think About the Camo Inflatable Hot Tub

Vanish Spa by Lake - THE Camo Inflatable Hot Tub

Vanish Spa has taken the camo inflatable hot tub to a whole new level with their camouflaged tubs that you have to see to believe.

Just like other spas on this site like the Intex Bubble Massage or the Coleman Lay-Z Spa, Vanish Spa makes portable hot tubs that are easy to set up, can heat up to 104 degrees F and have lots of massage jets.

They also come with matching inflatable lids, but you might not be able to see them (haha!).

This camo hot tub isn’t actually much different from other inflatable models except for the fact that it is “camouflaged”, and well, it costs a little more. But honestly, it’s really cool. Don’t you think?

Vanish Spa on Deck

I mean, if you’re going to set up a large tub on your deck or patio where you can see it, you want it to look good too, even when you’re not using it.

If you have a woodsy backyard or live in a forest, this spa will fit right in.

Just as you’d expect, the camo spa is lightweight and easy to transport. Take it with you on a long weekend trip to the cabin – or a summer break to a vacation rental home.

Vanish Spa in Backyard

It can add a whole new dimension to your getaway in the form of relaxation, entertaining and fun for the kids. Some people even take it camping or to sporting events. You can even use it indoors.

The Vanish Spa is advertised as a 6-person hot tub, but its measurements are very similar to the Coleman and Intex models. Just something to keep in mind when you’re comparing brands. Are blow-up spa tubs worth a good investment?

Size Comparison:

  • Vanish: 79″ diameter x 25″ tall
  • Coleman Lay-Z: 77″ diameter x 28″ tall
  • Intex PureSpa: 77″ diameter x 28″ tall

Intimidated by the Camo Spa? Don’t Be.

If you’ve never owned a portable spa, they might seem intimidating at first. (ie. “Is it going to take me forever to set up?”, “Will it take a lot of work to maintain?”)

Vanish Inflatable Spa

These inflatable spas are surprisingly easy and un-complicated. The package comes with everything you need, including a built-in inflation system and and automatic pump.

Simply connect them together and turn them on.

It takes less than 10 minutes for the spa to fully inflate, and then you simply add water with a regular garden hose. Turn on the pump to heat the water, and your work is done here!

Yes, you’ll want to add some chemicals to keep the water clean, and you’ll want to drain the water out every once in a while. But seriously – this is virtually effortless.

Vanish Spa Up Close

Keep in mind that with an electric heating system, the water typically heats at about 2 degrees per hour, so plan ahead.

Either set up and fill your spa in the morning so it can heat all day and be ready by the evening – or set it up in the afternoon and let the tub heat overnight.

Is the Floor Cushioned?

Yes, the company built in a thermal padded floor.

How Many Jets are There?

88 jets.

What are the Cons of the Camo Spa?

This spa costs two to three hundred dollars more than its non-camo competitors. I understand that a price increase is expected with this specialty tub, but it’s a little high.

More FAQ

Not only do I love Vanish Spa’s concept of the camouflaged hot tub, “disappearing” into the backyard, they also have a great sense of humor. Case in point: check out minute 1:27 featuring the decoy ducks…

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Pattern Options:

Realtree Xtra Camo Spa
Realtree Xtra

Realtree Max5 Camouflage Spa
Realtree Max5

I won’t kid you, this hot tub looks nothing less than fun. And on top of that – it’s camouflaged, so you won’t even see it! 😉


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