Bestway SaluSpa Hot Tub – What to Know Before You Buy…

Do you want an inflatable spa that you can set up in your backyard in under 2 hours? The popular SaluSpa Hot Tub is not only easy to assemble and low maintenance, it’s budget-friendly too.

SaluSpa Hot Tub - Easy Set Up, Low Maintenance, Affordable Inflatable Spa

Note: Inflatable spas don’t include seats. They are not necessary, but you can buy hot tub seats separately if you want to sit elevated off the floor of the tub.

4 Things to Note About the SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub:

Easily Reach the Spa Control Panel from Inside the Spa

1. You can conveniently access the digital control panel while you sit inside the tub. This all-in-one system manages the heater, filtration and bubble massage jets. (You also use it to inflate and deflate the tub.)

2. The structure of the hot tub surround feels surprisingly strong, and it actually is very durable. It’s made with a specially-designed Tritech material that prevents the inflatable walls from leaning or bending.

In fact, the walls can support the weight of people sitting on the outside edge. The heavy duty material is strong enough to even resist punctures, and it’s UV resistant too.

3. The SaluSpa Miami has an AirJet bubble system, which releases bubbles from the base of the spa. They provide a soothing sensation, but are not as powerful as massage jets.

120 Soothing Bubble AirJets in SaluSpa

4. Inflatable spas don’t retain heat as well as their hard-shelled counterparts. However, this particular model comes with both a ground mat and insulating top cover. Locate the tub next to a corner of your home, and you may be able to insulate it even more.

Note: You may or may not be able to use this spa outdoors in winter depending on the climate where you live. For instance, it’s designed to be used where the outdoor air temperature is higher than 39 degrees F.

In any case, the spa drains and deflates just as easily as setup. Then, it folds down flat and company for storage (or transportation!).

Inflatable Spa is Easy for 1 Person to Set Up:

The SaluSpa Miami is really simple to set-up right out of the box. In fact, you don’t need any tools to assemble the tub outside of what’s included in the package.

The setup process mainly involves inflating the spa (using the spa’s own pump) and filling it with water (using a regular garden hose). These 2 steps should only take a couple of hours.

Then, you can start heating the hot tub. This step requires more time because the water temperature heats up at about 2 degrees per hour.

Easy Spa Set-Up: Inflate and Fill with a Garden Hose

Low Maintenance Hot Tub Means Less Work for You:

In addition, this blow-up spa requires minimal maintenance. It comes with a ChemConnect dispenser when evenly disperses chlorine in the tub so that you don’t have to. (After owning a spa for 15 years, I can tell you that easy-care is more important than you may think.)

Furthermore, the water filter runs automatically without you having to lift a finger. Well, except to rinse out the removable filter once a week.

On top of that, the included insulating cover also keeps out leaves, rain and other debris that dirty up the water. Even draining the spa is simple – just remove the plug and attach the hose that comes in the box.

Note: This model even includes a power-saving timer that can pre-heat the spa up to 72 hours in advance. Therefore, it’s ready to use when you are.

Inflatable Spa Package Includes:

SaluSpa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Comes in a Small Compact Box. Also Easy to Store in Winter
  • Inflatable Hot Tub with All Parts
  • Insulated Top Cover
  • Ground Mat
  • Heater and Water Filtration System
  • Inflation Hose
  • 2 Filter Cartridges
  • ChemConnect Chemical Dispenser
  • Get the Spa Package

Information on the SaluSpa Hot Tub:

  • Seating Capacity: 4 People
  • Dimensions: 71″ Diameter x 26″ Tall
  • Inside Diameter: 52″ Across
  • Shape: CircularSaluSpa Miami with Automatic Built-In Water Filtration
  • Empty Weight: 54 lbs
  • Water Capacity: 192 Gallons
  • Material: Heavy Duty PVC
  • Color: Black Exterior, White Interior
  • 120 Bubble Jets
  • Minimum Water Temperature: 42.8℉
  • Max Water Temperature: 104℉
  • Power/Electrical Requirements: 110-120 V
  • Heater: 1200W
  • Power Cord: 9 Feet Long
  • Instruction Manual (including assembly, parts, error codes)
  • Model #: 1054124USX20
  • Manufacturer: Bestway
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Saluspa Hot Tub
Save Money on Miami Spa Replacement Filters

Note: Need extra replacement filters? You can buy them in bulk and save money. These filters (Cartridge Type VI) fit the Miami spa model.

The SaluSpa is sometimes called the Bestway Lay Z Spa Hot Tub (the older version).


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