Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats: Inflatable Spas with Seating

SaluSpa San Francisco with Lounge Seating

Inflatable spas typically don’t include built-in seats except for the SaluSpa Hydrojet Pro. This portable spa has built-in lounge-style seating for up to 3 people.

However, the bottom of an inflatable hot tub is usually cushioned to some degree. This cushioning is often part of the design to enhance the user experience by providing a soft surface, which is more comfortable compared to hard, rigid surfaces.

Cushioning levels differ across various brands and models of inflatable hot tubs. While some models feature a built-in padded bottom for comfort, others may offer an additional foam mat or padding that can be positioned under the tub to enhance both cushioning and insulation.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Seats?

It’s important to consult the specific product specifications for details on its features, including the cushioning type available.

Using Removable Spa Seats to Your Advantage:

Blow-up hot tubs, due to their inflatable nature, typically lack the built-in, molded seating found in more permanent or semi-permanent portable spas. This absence might initially seem like a drawback for those seeking the contoured comfort such seats provide.

Removable Hot Tub Seat for Inflatable Spas

However, this apparent limitation is offset by the availability of separate, aftermarket hot tub seats designed specifically for inflatable models. These removable seats offer a flexible solution, allowing users to customize their seating arrangements according to their preferences or needs at any given time.

The advantage of these aftermarket seats is twofold. First, they introduce an element of modularity to the inflatable hot tub experience, letting users personalize their setup by adding as many or as few seats as they desire. 

Second, the seating portability means they can be easily moved and rearranged. Users can adjust their positions within the hot tub on the fly, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience. Whether you prefer a spot closer to the jet streams for a massage-like experience or a corner seat for more privacy, these removable seats can accommodate such preferences without permanent alterations to the tub’s structure.

Intex Removable and Inflatable Hot Tub Headrest

The popular Intex spa seats typically cost about $50-60 apiece. I think that’s a fair price for a molded seat, especially on that you can move.

You can also buy inflatable headrests that fit right over the edge of the tub wall. Your seat is quickly becoming more and more luxurious.

Plus, custom-fitting drink holder/tables really come in handy (even if you don’t have a drink).

Don’t Be Afraid of Hot Tubs Having No Seats:

The height of the hot tub walls are designed for floor seating for adults, so no seat is needed (though seats are useful if you have small children – see below). A nice advantage to not having built-in seating is that you can fit more people into your spa. You can sit wherever you want without having to sit according to some pre-set configuration.

I understand why manufacturers designed the tubs this way. With a simpler structure, there is less that can go wrong (inflatables, you know). Inflatable spas end up lasting longer and requiring less maintenance due to their sturdier frame.

Where to Get Hot Tub Seats for Your Spa:

Booster Spa Cushion for Inflatable Hot tubs

You can get some pretty cool seats though, sold separately of course. The advantage to having moveable seats is that, well, they can be moved. You can also use them in other locations, such as a bathtub or pool. And you get to choose the number and style that you want.

Be warned, there are cheap versions out there that end up being more of a nuisance than a comfort. Read product reviews before you buy so you don’t end up wasting money.

Booster Seat Spa Cushions are popular inflatable spa seats. In fact, people use them in portable spas as well as a back pillow in bathtubs.

They are comfortable, easy to clean and durable. You don’t have to worry about them being affected by spa chemicals because they are PVC-coated.

The spa booster seats have an internal removable pouch that can be filled with pea gravel or marbles which weigh down the cushion so that it doesn’t float to the top of the water when not in use. They measure 16″ wide x 12″ deep x 4.3″ tall.

In Summary:

Inflatable hot tubs typically do not come with built-in seats like traditional hard-shell hot tubs. That said, some inflatable hot tub models may include cushioned or padded seating areas for added comfort. Overall, while inflatable hot tubs may not have built-in seats, there are options available to create a comfortable seating arrangement for users.

Users can also purchase separate inflatable seats or cushions to use inside the hot tub for a more comfortable seating experience. Seats in inflatable hot tubs are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, providing support while you soak in the warm water.

Last Updated May 1, 2024


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