Inflatable Spa Comparison Chart – Which is Best?

Compare inflatable hot tubs before you buy! Shop hot tub prices, ratings, special features, dimensions, water capacity and more. Find the best spa for you, using this simple side-by-side comparison chart.

Inflatable Spas

Price (approx) Rating
Inflated Size Person
Power Water Capacity Package & Special Features

Saluspa Miami

SaluSpa Miami with Automatic Built-In Water Filtration
$525-$570 4.4 71″ wide
26″ high
4 people 110V 192 gallons This spa has a quick & easy set-up process, which makes it one of the most popular portable units. This affordable, low-maintenance hot tub also comes with some deluxe features. For example, it allows you to set the heat function in advance.
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Intex PureSpa Greywood

Intex PureSpa Greywood
4.8 85″ wide
28″ high
6 people
(4 person also available)
110-120 V 290 gallons Spa has upgraded “greywood” exterior, built-in hard water treatment system & 140 bubble massage jets. Plus, the package includes 2 premium headrests and multi-color LED light for ambiance and relaxation. See More Info Here

Pure Spa Plus

Intex PureSpa Plus 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub
$1,279 $1,100 4.6 85″ wide
28″ high
6 people
(4 person also available)
110-120 V 290 gallons Comes with insulated cover, filtration system w/ filter cartridges, floating chemical dispenser, thermal ground cloth, carrying bag and more. Features 140 high-powered bubble jets, hard water treatment system & strong “Fiber Tech” walls to sit on. Details on Intex PureSpa Plus

Coleman Square
4-Person Spa

Coleman Square Spa
$725-$849 4.6 71″ wide
26″ high
4 people 110V 177 gallons Features 114 soothing air jets, ultra-durable TriTech reinforced walls and comfortable cushioned floor. Plus, square shape makes it fit better into corners or against walls. Get the Square Spa Here

Coleman Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub for 4 People
$459-$499 4.5 77″ wide
28″ high
4-6 people 110-120 V 254 gallons Comes with heating & filtration system, filter cartridge, insulated cover, ground cloth, chemical floater, inflation hose set-up DVD. Has Rapid Heating System, cushioned air paid floor & sturdy walls you can sit on. Details on Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

Faux Wood Inflatable Spa

Saluspa Helsinki Faux Wood Inflatable Spa
$1,169 $900 3.7 71″ wide
26″ high
4 people 110-120 V 192 gallons Features unique, rustic wood-look exterior. Includes filtration/heating pump, cover and base liner, chemical dispenser plus filter cartridge. See more on the SaluSpa Helsinki

Intex PureSpa

PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Comparison Stats
$1,199 $999 4.3 75″ wide
28″ high
4 people 110-120 V 210 gallons Comes with insulated cover, filtration system w/ 2 filter cartridges, floating chemical dispenser, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose and more. Features 120 soothing bubble jets, an energy-efficient heating system & sturdy walls you can sit on. Details on Intex PureSpa

Intex Simple Spa

Intex Simple Spa Inflatable Bubble Jet Hot Tub for 4 People
$879 $650 4.5 77″ wide
26″ high
4 people 110-120 V 210 gallons Intex’s New spa with extra sturdy horizontal beam construction, external mesh cover and multiple forms of insulation. Easy to set up & low maintenance, plus 100 soothing bubble jets and upscale, classy design. Check it Out Here

Faux Stone
Inflatable Spa

SaluSpa Faux Stone Inflatable Spa
$569-$650 4.5 61″ wide
24″ high
3-5 people 110V 213 gallons Slimmer 2″ wide walls allow for a larger tub without taking up as much space. Plus, sides are ultra-strong & feel more like a hard-sided spa. Jets have 2 intensity levels, and you can control spa via your smartphone!
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Why Compare Inflatable Hot Tubs?

I know that comparison charts come in handy when shopping. That said, I have listed a few extra tips to keep in mind when comparing spas:

1. Find a Better Hot Tub When You Have More Information…

Woman Relaxing in an Intex Spa at the End of the Day

First of all, you may discover special features that work better for your design specifications. For example, square spas typically fit better in smaller spaces while accommodating the same number of people.

If you only know about round versions, you might never find out that a square spa might fit your small patio better.

2. Inflatable Spa Size & Cost Factors to Consider:

Second, a slightly larger spa (6-10 inches wider in diameter) can fit 50% more people without taking up significantly more space. However, the water capacity can likewise increase by almost 30%. Hence, increasing your heating bill.

Therefore, unless you have a large family or frequently entertain lots of friends, you may want to take the cost savings and opt for the smaller hot tub. For example, Wave inflatable hot tubs measure 65 inches across, whereas the Intex Purespa Plus measure 85 inches across.

3. Should You “Price Shop” for Your Portable Spa?

Third, you’ll notice that most inflatable spas offer virtually identical features. For example, the Intex PureSpa and Coleman Saluspa have built-in heating and filtration systems, heat-saving insulated covers, bubble jets, etc..

That being the case, I suggest comparison price shopping. Unless, that is, there is a brand you prefer over the others.

4. Top Name Brands Provide More Reassurance.

Most people have heard of Intex inflatable pools, spas and blow up furniture. They have been in business for many years, and they make high-quality products. In addition, I have had great experience with Coleman.

Bestway, in addition to spas, also is known for manufacturing durable and affordable furniture and household products. That said, their discounted prices can save you money but possibly at a trade-off in material quality.

Saltron Mini Saltwater Chlorine Generator for Hot Tubs

Can You Use Salt Water in Your Inflatable Spa?

Note: Many people use the Saltron Mini Salt System or the Chlormaker Saltwater Generator to convert an inflatable spa into a salt water system.

This inexpensive “saltwater converter” is super simple to use. In fact, you basically plug the unit into a power outlet and stick the chlorinator cell into the tub water. Find out exactly how it works here.

By the way this mini system is designed for spas under 2,000 gallons (not for large swimming pools).

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