“Custom-Fit” Hot Tub Drink Holder… for Inflatable Spas?

Hot Tub Drink Holder

You’re relaxing in the hot tub and now you’re thirsty. Now what? A hot tub drink holder would come in handy right about now, right?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

I don’t know how many times this used to happen to me, but now I always have a cold drink with me when I head out to the spa. No worries about where to put it, if I’ll spill it or having to hold on to it.

Now my drink has it’s own spot, safely and snugly on the side of the tub.

It’s the PureSpa Cup Holder, and it holds 2 beverages – maybe even a snack too!

Are Cup Holders More Handy than They Look?

In my opinion, this hot tub drink holder is one of the most handy hot tub accessories you can buy. Not only can you have your cocktail or soda conveniently nearby at all times, but you can place a variety of other small items in the attached tray.

It’s like having a cup holder in the car, a shelf in the shower or a workout armband for your cell phone. You don’t realize ho much you need it until you get one, and then you realize that you use it all the time.

The cool thing about the PureSpa beverage holder is that it attaches securely to the spa wall, yet you can also remove it or move it around.

Size: 10-1/4″ Long x 8-5/8″ Wide x 7″ Tall

Inflatable Spa Drink Tray for Drinks, Snacks, Sunglasses, Books and More

Another Option: A Hot Tub Drink-and-Snack Tray:

Alternatively, you could get SaluSpa’s drink holder with snack tray. These conveniently attach to side wall of the tub, and you can save money with a 2-pack.

You can slide them easily around the tub, so drinks are always within close reach. Plus, a set of 2 gives you plenty of space to put your beverages.

Drink Cubes?

I’m a big fan of making flavored ice cubes out of soda, drink mix or juice. (Tip: sports drink cubes with electrolytes are great after a workout). They are a tasty treat when the weather gets hot, and they are awesome while tubbing for the same reason. This floating cooler can be the perfect spot to keep them. It also means that you don’t have to hold on to a cup!

More Ideas for Using a Hot Tub Drink Holder:

Use it like a floating cup to stick small items that you want to keep dry, like a phone, mp3 player or watch. This way, you can pick up the phone if it rings, check the time if you need to and listen to soothing music while you relax.

That said, these moving floaters tend to be less stable, especially if you’ve got the jets going. The floating cooler can also be used in a bathtub or swimming pool. You probably already knew that though. =)


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