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I’ve owned a hot tub for years, so I’m a little biased – but hopefully I can provide some insight for you to make your own product research and purchasing process a little bit easier.

Blow-up hot tubs come with several advantages as well as disadvantages. For instance, they are cheaper and take less work to set up than an in-ground or hard-shell spa.

However, they don’t have optimal insulation, and therefore require more energy to heat. Consequently, the smaller 4-person tubs can save you money on heating.

Is an Inflatable Hot Tub Good for You?

Inflatable hot tubs are not for everyone. They work best for people who want a model that is simple, portable and that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.

Check out the pages on this site about the “Pros and Cons” and “The Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs”, so you can really get a good idea if they are a right fit for you.

Spa Troubleshooting Tips:

Question: I can’t get my Homax inflatable hot tub out of “SL” mode. What do I do?

Answer: Check out these links for quick-fix instructions:

Question: My Intex spa flashes “E90”. How do I fix it?

Answer: Read these quick instructions on unplugging, unscrewing and cleaning the sensor. FixYa Support

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