Bestway Lay Z Spa Hot Tub: What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About the Lay-Z SpaFirst, some interesting information you might not know about the company…

Bestway is known for manufacturing well-made yet affordable products, from inflatable pools, spas, paddle boards, camping gear, toys and even boats. I’ve purchased plenty of their products over the years with no complaints.

This global company has been in business for over 20 years and has manufacturing plants worldwide. They take product safety seriously and their water filtration systems are tested and certified by European and American electronics standards.

As you’ve probably noticed already, the size, shape and design of the Lay-Z Spa Miami are very similar to the Coleman and Intex PureSpa. In fact, the Coleman tub is essentially the same model with the same name, with a few tweeks.

Between all 3 models, I think the best inflatable hot tub really comes down to personal preference, size, color and price. They are all well-made products by reputable companies.

What you need to know about the Bestway Lay Z Spa Hot Tub:

1. It’s a 4-person hot tub that can go both indoors and outdoors. Incidentally, some spa owners move the unit as the season changes from summer to winter so they can get year-round use out of it.

2. In addition, the package includes a heat system and water filtration system.

3. Rapid Heat System can heat the water 2-3 degrees per hour, a little faster than other units which heat at 2 degrees per hour.

4. You can heat the water to 40°C / 104°F. This is similar to most other spas, as 104 F is the max limit allowed for manufacturers for portable hot tub systems.

5. It comes with a digital control panel to operate the heat, massage and filter. In addition, users can easily reach and operate the panel from within the spa.

6. Dimensions for this spa measure 71″ in diameter and 26″ tall at the outer rim when inflated.

7. Hot tub weighs approximately 54 lbs (without water) and approximately 2,250 (with water).

8. Water capacity of the tub is 192 gallons (at the 80% fill mark).

Lay-Z Spa Hot Tub Specs for the Miami Model
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9. Spa includes a strong reinforced cover which helps insulate the tub and safely keep kids, pets debris out. Covers are essential because they help minimize heating costs, cleaning maintenance and potential accidents.

10. You get 2 filter cartridges and a chemical floater to help keep your spa clean in between uses. This automated filtration system makes the Lay-Z spa very low maintenance.

11. Also, you don’t need tools to set up and maintain your spa properly and with ease.

Note: there are 2 other larger Lay-Z Spa models, the Paris (6-person) for about $500 and the Palm Springs (6 person) for about $400.


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