4 Hot Tub Benefits: Why Get a Spa

Intex Jet Massage SpaWhen I bought my first hot tub, I didn’t want to just make a frivolous purchase. I wanted to justify the cost of the spa by the number of benefits I would get from it.

Not having owned a hot tub before, I didn’t know how often I would use it. Furthermore, I questioned whether I would get tired of it over time and I would have wasted my money.

I figured that if I could list enough reasons why the spa would be an “asset in my life” (hahaha!), the price would be justified, and I wouldn’t feel guilty about my purchase. I mean, who can relax in a hot tub while feeling guilty at the same time, right?

I don’t have my original list, but I now know from experience as a hot tub owner what the benefits are (at least to me anyway). I thought I’d share them with you is case it helps you make a decision.

4 Hot Tub Benefits:

1. It’s a Cheap Way to Spend Time with Friends

Couple in Hot TubInstead of going out to a restaurant, bar or movie theater, I invite my girlfriends over for cocktails in the hot tub. It costs a lot less, and it ends up being much more interesting conversation.

Because it’s so convenient and cheap (not to mention therapeutic), I find myself spending more time with my friends. Go figure!

My neighbor actually has his TV set up by his hot tub. If you enjoy watching movies with friends, this could be a great set up for “movie night” at home. This saves you money when compared to buying seats at the movie theater.

2. It Helps Ease Tension and Stress

At the end of a long work day, a hydrotherapy spa not only feels good, but it can help alleviate a stiff neck, tense shoulders or a sore back. Some people even use it to help them fall asleep at night. (Between you and me, I have even been known to start nodding off while still sitting in the tub, it is so relaxing.)

What I like about hydrotherapy and bubble spas, you can easily relax on a regular basis. This helps prevent the build-up of tension over time. Commonly, tension build-up leads to the chronic aches and pains that many of us experience as we get older.

Compare this to doctor visits, physical therapy, chiropractor appointments and regular massages A home spa provides a cheap solution, at least in my own experience.
Furthermore, hot tubs help improve circulation due to their their anti-gravity advantage and hydrostatic pressure

3. Hot Tubs Provide Soothing After-Workout Therapy

Do you run, lift weights at the gym or exercise regularly? Then you already know that saunas, steam rooms and spas are a great method for loosening up and stretching out tight muscles after a workout. Typically, I allow time to cool down before entering a hot tub, or I sometime alternate cold plunges with the heat of a spa. This can help with inflammation.

When I combine a hot tub and stretching after my workouts, I have less soreness and recover faster. It not only helps me feel better after training. I also am better prepared and motivated for my next workout.

4. Quick Way to Warm Up

Sometimes in the wintertime I get the chills and find it hard to get warm unless I hop in a hot shower (… or hot tub). If this happens to you, you know what I’m talking about.

If you keep your spa indoors in the winter, jump in the tub for a few minutes to warm your core. I find that this really helps, Plus, I don’t have to waste a bunch of water by running the shower waiting for myself to warm up.

Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, you have to justify the costs of your own purchases. When I list the pros and cons of a purchase before I buy, I make a better buying decision. Good luck!


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