Which Square Inflatable Hot Tub is Best? We Compare Spas

Do you like the affordable price, easy set-up and low maintenance of a blow-up portable spa? Would you prefer a square-shaped tub that can sit flat against your house? Check out the GoPlus Square Inflatable Hot Tub that’s on sale now for about $600.

GoPlus Square Inflatable Hot Tub

Advantages of Square VS Round Hot Tubs:

In many cases, this low-profile square-shaped tub can fit easily on a patio against the side of a home. Plus, the flat sides make it work better in corners, in comparison to round spas.

Easier to Insulate:

Therefore, the walls of your home and can help insulate the hot tub and help minimize heating costs. Not to mention, give you some privacy.

Furthermore, if you home has an overhang or awning, you can provide even more weather protection for your inflatable spa.

Potentially Lower Energy Costs:

Save Money on Heating Your Inflatable SpaAnd speaking of sheltering your spa and cutting energy costs, the GoPlus square spa comes with its own insulated cover. Plus, it fits snuggly over the tup and straps securely to the tub walls.

In addition to keeping the heat in your spa, the cover also keeps leaves and debris out. Therefore, you don’t have to replace filters or clean your spa as often. =)

Personally, I think square inflatable hot tubs look more sophisticated (less cheap) than the circular spas. For about the same price, if you also prefer the boxy shape vs round, you may like square inflatable spas too.

Are These Inflatable Spas Durable?

Firm Spa Wall of Inflatable Hot TubSpeaking of cheap, many people assume that the tub walls on an inflatable feel bouncy and soft when you sit on them.

However, these structurally sound outer walls have a very firm feel and barely indent when you apply pressure. For example, check out the photo on the right.

Note: Although it feels smooth and comfortable against your skin, don’t be deceived. This heavy duty PVC is more durable than most people expect, and it performs well indoors or outside.

Digital Hot Tub Control Panel Made Easy…

Spa Digital Control Panel for Heat, Bubbles and FilterI like this particular model because the digital control panel is built right into the spa wall. Compared to other inflatable hot tubs where the control panel is located on a separate unit, this spa has a more elegant, streamlined look.

In addition, you can control all of the functions without exiting the spa.

For example, you can turn on the air jets or increase the heat. This makes the whole spa experience even more relaxing.

How to Set Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub:

How to Inflate Your Hot TubGood news! This Costway spa comes with a new automatic inflatable function. In other words, you simply insert the inflation hose (included in the package) into spa and turn it on.

Then you can go read a book. When the spa is fully inflated, remove the inflation hose and screw the valve tight.

Next, screw the filter cartridge clockwise onto the water inlet on the inside tub wall. Then, fill the tub with water using a garden hose. Lastly, cover the spa.

To start the filter and turn on the heat, follow the easy step-by-step instructions in your user manual. It literally takes a couple of minutes.

Tips for a Low Maintenance Spa:

By the way, the spa requires minimal maintenance.

Inflatable Spa Removable Filter

1. Easy Filter Rinsing

For one, the tub comes with a single removable water filter that you simply unscrew and rinse with a hose about once a week. Once the filter gets dirty and stays discolored, you just replace it with a clean filter.

Note: replacement filters only cost around $5 apiece when you buy them in 6-packs. Compared to hiring a pool man for maintenance, this costs nothing, right?

2. Minimal Effort Spa Cleaning

Second, the spa walls clean up easily with soap and water. Not to mention, the outside surround has a dark color, so it hides dirt very well.

Therefore, you can keep your spa looking clean simply by hosing down the sides (if it even needs it).

3. Conveniently Simple to Move and Store

You can’t easily pick up and carry most portable hot tubs, nor can you store them in a corner of your garage. However, Inflatable spas offer this unique advantage.

Plus, the GoPlus features practical carrying handles on the sides. Not to mention, it packs up smaller than other blow-up spas because it doesn’t have a bulky pump.

Spa Package Includes:

  • Inflatable Spa
  • Matching Cover with Insulating Foil & Zipper
  • Inflation Hose
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Rubber Plug
  • Repair Kit & User Manual

What Size Spa Should You Choose (Small VS Large)?

Do you have a large family or plan on entertaining frequently where you’d need a spa to fit more than 4 people? Then, the 6-person hot tub is the better choice.

However, you can save money on your heating bill with a smaller sized spa. Plus compact hot tubs can have a cozier feeling. So, keep that in mind as you compare spas.

GoPlus Square Inflatable Hot Tub for 4 People

In either case, you can get a full-body relaxing massage that can help relieve tension and stress. Some people even report having improved sleep, which in itself makes a hot tub a worthwhile investment.

Specs for the Goplus Square Inflatable Hot Tub:

  • Seating Capacity: 4 or 6 People
  • Dimensions: 60.5″ Square (4-Person) or 73″ Square (6-Person) x 25.5″ Tall
  • Empty Weight: 48 lbs (4-Person) or 65 lbs (6-Person tub)
  • Water Capacity: 147.5 Gallons (4-Person) or 238 Gallons (6-Person)
  • Material: Heavy Duty PVC
  • Color: Dark Blue Exterior & White Interior
  • 130 Bubble Jets
  • Max Temperature: 104℉
  • Power Rated: 110V
  • Power Consumption: 1500W
  • Rapid Heating System: 2-3℉ per hour
  • Model #: OP3826 or OP3827
  • Brand: Costway
  • Phone: (909) 483-1200
  • Get the GoPlus Square Inflatable Spa Here

Does the Square Hot Tub Come with Spa Lights?

Spa LightsThis square inflatable massage spa doesn’t come with LED lights. However, if you want to add some fun or ambiance to your evening, it’s easy to do. Check out these cool multi-color hot tub lights and create your own unique light show.


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