Unlock Savings: 5 Inflatable Hot Tub Covers for Energy Efficiency

Inflatable hot tub covers are a convenient and practical accessory for your hot tub. They help to retain heat, reduce energy costs and keep debris out of the water. Additionally, they are easy to install and remove, making maintenance hassle-free.

5 Energy Efficient Inflatable Spa Covers that Pay for Themselves in Savings

The Best Inflatable Spa Cover for Intex Hot Tubs:

First of all, Intex sells a deluxe spa cover combo that includes an extra-insulating bladder too. It fits inflatable spas with a 77-inch diameter, so if your tub matches the diameter, you don’t necessarily have to own an Intex to use this accessory.

Intex Deluxe Spa Cover Energy Savings for Inflatable Hot Tubs

I particularly like this package because you get both the bladder and the wrap-around cover. As a result, your spa gets well insulated on the top AND all sides. Essentially you can enjoy a BIG energy savings that pays for the cost of the cover in just 6-12 months.

Round and Square Blow-up Hot Tub Covers to Fit 4-Person Inflatable Spas. They Offer 30% More Insulation that Traditional Covers Plus Groove Design Prevent Rainwater Pooling on Top

Replacement Spa Covers for Saluspa, Intex, Coleman, Wave & More:

Second, Wave makes an inflatable spa bladder in both round and square shapes to fit a 4-person tub. This protective insulating cover also fits Intex Saluspa, Coleman Lazy Spa, Cleverspa and MPSA inflatable hot tubs.

In addition, the blow-up design offers 30% greater insulation properties. Plus, the cover conveniently prevent rain pooling on top with it specially-designed grooves.

And, since this inflated “bladder” sits on top of the water inside the tub surround, you can use it along with a top cover for additional heat retention.

Features to Look for in an Inflatable Spa Cover:

When buying an inflatable hot tub cover, review these key factors so that you get a protective lid that gives you the heat retention you want. Here are the key features to look for:

Weather Resistant Spa Cover for Round Outdoor Hot Tubs (Snow, Wind, Sun, Water)
  1. Size and Compatibility: Make sure that the cover is the right size to fit your specific inflatable hot tub model. Measure your tub’s dimensions to find a cover that fits securely.
  2. Material Quality: Look for a cover made of high-quality and durable materials (ie. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC) that can withstand exposure to the elements and provide good insulation. You can generally expect these covers to last several years with good care.
  3. Insulation: Choose a cover with effective insulation to help retain heat and maintain the water temperature in your hot tub, reducing energy costs. For example, a cover that wraps around the sides as well as the top keep in more warmth than top-only.
  4. Locking Mechanism: Check for a secure and reliable locking or strapping mechanism to keep the cover in place during windy conditions and prevent unauthorized access.
  5. Waterproofing: Check that the repels water and capable of shedding rainwater to keep your soaking tub clean and prevent damage to the cover itself.
  6. UV Protection: Look for a cover with UV-resistant properties to shield the hot tub from the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause fading and faster deterioration.
  7. Weight: Consider the weight and ease of handling. Lightweight covers are convenient if you need to remove and replace the cover frequently. For instance, you can expect a PVC cover with bladder for a 4-person tub to weigh about 30 lbs.
  8. Easy Maintenance: Choose a lid that you can easily clean, as it will extend the lifespan of the material and keep it looking good. PVC Material and waterproof coatings help significantly.
  9. Price and Budget: I always recommend price shopping. However, keep in mind that better insulation may cost more, but it delivers greater cost savings on your energy bill.
  10. Aesthetics: If aesthetics are important to you, don’t overlook the color and style to complement your outdoor space.

Here are 3 additional types of covers you can explore:

Insulating Spa Dome Keeps Inflatable Spas Warmer in Winter and Lowers Heating Bills

1. Inflatable Spa Dome Enclosures:

Some manufacturers offer inflatable domes or enclosures that can cover the full inflatable hot tub and more.

These enclosures are designed to be durable, waterproof, and insulated. They often come with UV-resistant materials to protect against sun damage.

2. Thermal Blankets:

Thermal Blankets for Inflatable Spas to Help Retain Heat and Insulate

While not a traditional cover, thermal blankets can be used to insulate and protect your inflatable hot tub. They are waterproof and provide good insulation by trapping heat in the water.

Look for bubble covers with at least a 15-16mm thickness for better heat retention. Plus, they reduce the time it takes to heat up your spa.

Furthermore, this extra layer can help extend the life of your hot tub cover by preventing condensation. You can get these insulating blankets in various shapes and size, and you can also conveniently cut them to size to fit your particular tub.

3. Custom-Made Inflatable Hot Tub Covers:

Some companies like Coverstore specialize in creating custom-made inflatable covers for specific hot tub models. These covers can be tailored to fit your hot tub snugly, providing good insulation and waterproofing. They may also incorporate UV-resistant materials to protect against sun exposure.


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