Scumbug Hot Tub Cleaner – The EZ Way to Clean Spa Water

Scumbug Hot Tub CleanerWe all like clean hot tubs, especially when they require minimal maintenance. The Scumbug hot tub cleaner helps remove oils and pollen that get in the water through regular use.

I particularly like the Scumbug oil-absorbing sponge because it works continuously without you having to do anything.

Without it, oil and grime can build up in your spa due to repeated exposure to suntan lotion, body oil, tree pollen an more. Spa water can gradually get dirtier, cloudy looking and not so enticing when all you want to do is relax in a clean bubbly pool of water.

Avoiding the Problem:

You can avoid this problem altogether with the simple $10 oil-absorbent hot tub sponge. Stick it in your spa and let it go to work. They typically last an entire season, so it’s a cheap way to keep your water cleaner, not to mention healthier.

Spa Care Made Easy.

Owning an inflatable spa doesn’t have to require a lot of work. Keeping your spa water clean keeps hot tub maintenance low, the filtration system working optimally and extends the life of your spa. Essentially, preventative spa care, cleaning and maintenance is worth the extra time and effort – even though it is minimal.

How Does the Scumbug Hot Tub Cleaner Work?

It absorbs 40 times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions. Free float it in your spa, and when it gets saturated, simply squeeze it out, clean it and reuse! No worrying about a scum line around the tub.

Scumbug Sponge Devours Slime & Grime from Pools & Spas

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