What I Discovered About the Pinnacle Inflatable Hot Tub

Pinnacle Inflatable SpaThe Pinnacle Inflatable Spa is a nice-looking hot tub, but it’s a little smaller than other models.

Depending on the space you have available or the number of people you want to accommodate, this may or may not be what you’re looking for.

Looking at the measurements, the Pinnacle would be ideal for people who have limited space or who prefer a 2-person tub. The advantages to smaller tubs is that they take up less space, they weigh less and there is less water to heat.

Of course, the downside is that smaller models can’t accommodate as many people. The “tricky” part is that all 3 models say they fit 4 people. We can assume that the Coleman will be more spacious for those 4 people than would the Pinnacle.

Pinnacle VS Coleman VS Intex Spas:

  • The Pinnacle has a 190 gallon water capacity with a 70″ outer diameter
  • The Intex has a 210 gallon water capacity with a 77″ outer diameter
  • The Coleman Lay-Z Spa has a 254 gallon water capacity with a 77″ Outer diameter

Easy on the Eyes…

This spa has more of a upscale look to it. The exterior is covered with a faux-leather material and actually looks classy even when the lid is on. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hot tub but at the same time you don’t want to cheapen the look of your patio or deck, you may like this spa.

Pinnacle Hot Tub with CoverBut Looks Aren’t Everything

Like other well-designed spas, the Pinnacle is built to cut energy costs and save you money. It comes with an inflatable cover that helps insulate the tub and keep the heat from escaping.

It’s also made to be easy-to-use. It can self-inflate and deflate in minutes, so set-up requires minimal time and effort. Honestly, the convenience factor is usually what determines how much and how often people use their tubs, so this is key.

Inflating the Pinnacle Hot Tub
Pinnacle Hot Tub Inflation

Where Can You Get the Pinnacle Spa for the Cheapest Price?

I’ve seen this tub priced at over $1,000 at Home Depot, almost $800 at Sears and over $700 at Kohl’s. Although those are not bad prices, I found it at Amazon for about $560. No sense spending more money you have to, right?

Hot Tub Features I Like:

1. Similar to the popular Intex Bubble Spa, the Pinnacle Hot Tub has a bubble therapy system built in, this one has 88 air jets around the inside of the unit.

Empty Pinnacle Spa2. The spa is made with 3-layer Dura-Tech construction, making it extra durable and puncture-resistant. The PVC material is cross-laminated, which basically delivers a worry-free tub that will last a long time.

3. The package includes the PureFlow 530 GPH 50w high efficiency filtration system, which keeps the water clean and clear. It’s also quiet, key to ultimate relaxation.

4. Infrawave heat technology rapid heat system works quickly to heat the tub efficiently. In addition the insulating lid that I mentioned before, the spa package includes a heat-retention base mat, so the spa loses less heat out of the bottom as well. These “small” features can easily be missed by people who are price shopping. However, the monthly heating cost savings really add up over time.

The following video covers some more of the cool features and tips with the Pinnacle Hot Tub, including spa set-up, filling and emptying the tub and the digital control panel:

Click here for the Pinnacle Inflatable Spa


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